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Shortly after Miloh was born the folks at Coocoi sent me a merino Babywrap swaddle for Miloh. I was psyched to get the opportunity to try it out because Miloh loves to be swaddled.

When I arrived I instantly put him in it. It took me a coupe tries to get the swaddle right because we were used to the Halo Sleep Sacks. The Coocoi works a bit more like the Miracle Blanket.

Once I got Miloh in he loved do I know? He didn't squirm and he conked out.

Here's some of the key features:
  • Merino wool so it's natural and renewable
  • Super has a little give but it still kept Miloh snug
  • The merino has a natural stretch that keeps baby snug but also allows some freedom to move
  • It's lightweight but keeps your baby warm...but not to warm
  • It absorbs and wicks moisture which helps to regulate your bodies temp
  • Low fire risk because wool has fire retardant qualities
  • Their product photos are pretty cute
     Once I learned about the causes of SIDS I became super conscious of Miloh's environment. I make sure the temp is just right in his room. I really like that this is lightweight wool and that it helps to keep him safe and comfy.

    Another thing I like is that I was able to change his diaper easily without getting him unswaddled...I kind of swooped the bottom of the wrap to his back changed the diaper and swooped it back to the front. Then tucked everything back and he wasn't the wiser.

    I highly recomend it...I'm not just saying that...we really like this swaddle and were bummed when it went missing for a couple's back and in commision.

    Check out their site for more info check out their site Baby Sleep Bags or check out their Amazon store.

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