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A bit ago a reader of the blog asked me to do a round up of baby carriers for guys. I had planned on doing this much earlier by testing them out with weighted items but I figured the best test would be with an actual I waited.

I looked at 3 different carriers; the Moby Wrap, the Ergo Baby Carrier and an organic BabyBjorn Carrier. The first 2 we had on hand...BabyBjorn was nice enough to give me a carrier to review. I'm only reviewing the basic styles for each carrier.

First up is the Moby Wrap
My thoughts...I'm a dude...not gonna wear it, okay I tried it on once but I would never leave the house with it. They make some styles for men with camo or screen prints but I can't ever see a situation where I would wear a wrap...unless I'm getting paid a lot of cash (please inquire about pricing.)

However I did try it on and here's what I found. It's thought to figure out how it works...I think it would take a good number of tries before you can put it on without instructions. It felt comfortable with Miloh in there and he felt secure. Staci had the Moby Wrap on a couple of times and liked it.

That's all good but I have to stick with the whole I'm a dude and will not be seen in a wrap (not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Pros: I felt Miloh was quite secure
Cons: I don't think many guys would use one (I'm sure I'll get comments to the contrary.) Really hard to figure out how to use.

Next is the Ergo Baby
It took a bit of time for me to get the Ergo Baby Carrier dialed in. Once I did it felt step was to get Miloh in. It was easy to do.

I did feel like Miloh was a bit less secure in this than the BabyBjorn (next review) because he's so small. Besides that the carrier with Miloh did feel comfortable to wear.

However I see that they offer an infant carrier and support cushion for super little ones. That's awesome and all but you're adding over $50 to your bill when you put both of those on. They say it helps you spend less because you only have to buy one carrier so that is something to think about.

Back to fit...what was nice is it's made like a back pack but for a there is some nice lower back support. This is great for Staci because she has a bad back.

One of the things that intrigues me most about the Ergo Baby is that it offers multiple carry positions. You can carry in the front, back or the side. I didn't see a minimum weight for the back carry position, but I know Miloh is too small especially because of the newborn floppy head deal. I will try a back carry position when he's older and post my thoughts.

All in all it's a nice carrier, familiar set up because it's like a back pack and it has a pocket on it. Takes a bit to dial in but I'm finding all carriers are like that. The biggest fail for me is that in order to make a super little dude feel snug you need to shell out some extra cash.

Pros: Has a little rain hood for baby. Nice back support. Multiple carry positions...I really like this and will revisit when Miloh can be on my back.
Cons: I don't feel Miloh was secure as it's sold without extra accessories.

Last is the BabyBjorn
They sent me the Original organic carrier. I was a bit nervous about this one as Staci told me a friend had it and hated it...however we found out last weekend it was actually a carrier from a different company who shall go nameless, mostly because I forgot the name...turns out her friend loved the BabyBjorn she got to replace the other.

Like the Ergo Baby this one took a little bit to dial in...I mention this for all of the carriers...I don't think it's a fault because good gear should take time to fit correctly but I always wish companies would have the default fit me perfectly.

Once it was fit right I put Miloh into was super easy to get him in. Once he was in there it was very secure. The thing I really liked about this carrier is there is a floppy head strap (they call it a head support strap.) This allows you to tighten the head in for super tiny folk so their heads don't roll this feature.

To be honest I have spent the most time with Miloh in this a newborn I feel he's more secure in this one and it's really comfy. He likes being bounced in it. I actually had him in the carrier for the first half of me writing the review.

A big thing on my wish list for this organic version would be colors...their organic line is all one color (walnut - nice color though) but I wish there were more options. I really love the Orange color carrier and wish it came in organic. Actually I kind of wish all companies made all their products organic.

Pros: I felt Miloh was super secure. I love the head strap so his head doesn't go all floppy (that's a bit of a fear of mine.) Easy to get him into and he was comfy while in it.
Cons: One carry position. Color choice in organic. It took me a bit to get over the fact that it didn't fit like a back's more of an X thing across your shoulders...but I got used to it quick...that was more of an original prejudice on how these things work.

One last thing on BabyBjorn

Here are links to all their sites
Ergo Baby
Moby Wrap

Also BabyBjorn would like me to let you know to check out BabyBjorn Believers which is their community of can get more info about their stuff there.

And last...I finally wrote up a disclaimer for reviews where I get product. You can check it out here.

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